Cyber security

The average cost of a data breach is estimated to be $3.79 million, and expected to grow.

The explosion of technologies that alllow us to work more effectively, efficiently, and with improved collaboration are the very same technologies that result in data threats that are increasing in number and sophistication. Ongoing advances in mobile technology, collaborative software, virtualization, cloud computing and social media contribute to a growing list of security threats that at best, can result in costly mitigation and recovery expenses, and, at worse, can destroy an organization’s reputation, cripple or terminate operations,  or lead to breaches in intellectual property and national security. Now more than ever, it is critical to plan and prepare for how to detect threats, protect data, and respond to cybersecurity challenges.

Constantly evolving threats plague our increasingly-networked world: viruses and malware, ransomware, open source vulnerabilties, insider threats, phishing. Attacks and vulnerabilities can occur at any level of your network, from the inside out, from the cloud to an individual smartphone.

Strong, Trusted Partners

Through our relationship with experienced partners such as Forcepoint and Red Hat, Integrio offers leading cybersecurity products and services that enable customers to gain complete understanding and control of their cyber environments.

Integrated, Comprehensive Security

Integrio’s comprehensive approach to cybersecurity means focuses on your specific business operations, security needs, and potential risks.  We seek to understand your business and your priorities so that we can craft a cybersecurity solution tailored to your business, one that mitigates your unique vulnerabilities and protects the data that is important to you—while making for an efficient work environment and satisfying user experience for your employees. We offer comprehensive solutions that address the needs of cloud and hybrid networks, mobile technology, servers and storage, and individual devices.

Our engineers are industry experts who know how to help you protect your data and intellectual property, meet regulatory compliance, and secure your network from internal and external threats.  We offer a strong portfolio of products and a keen understanding of the market.  Integrio offers a robust combination of skilled, certified technical experts and strong past performance for customers that range from DoD, civilian, and commercial organizations.

Integrio maintains a top secret facility clearance with in-house cleared technical and sales resources.

Commercial Solutions for Classified: A New Way of Delivering Secure Solutions

Over the past decade, military, intelligence and civilian agencies have transitioned to “network-centric” applications to support their operations and classified networks have experienced a dramatic increase in importance and usage. Concurrently, there is significant pressure from their end-users to support classic personal mobility products for both classified and non-classified uses.

The result is a need for commercial solutions to provide classified network access, along with all the associated benefits: high performance, lower acquisition and operations costs, and a more rapid cycle of feature and product innovation.

But how do you achieve that and still meet strict government communications security requirements?  How do you improve access without sacrificing security?

Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) is an NSA-sponsored program that enables commercial components to be used to protect classified National Security Systems information. Founded on the principle that properly configured, layered solutions can provide adequate protection of classified data in a variety of different applications, NSA develops, approves, and publishes solution-level specifications and provides architectures, component criteria, and configurations to meet Information Assurance (IA) requirements.

Integrio is a Trusted Integrator for CSfC solutions for government customers. Our engineers work with proven partners such as Forcepoint, CiscoAruba, and Juniper, and use NIAP-certified and NSA-approved technology components to build secure communications paths according to an approved design.

Using CSfC as a base solution, Integrio works with Forcepoint to overlay its Trusted Thin Client® Remote Access product.  Trusted Thin Client provides end-users with secure, simultaneous access to multiple secure networks.