Video has the ability to inform, inspire, and communicate. From corporate communications and enterprise-wide broadcasting, to project collaboration and long-distance training, IP video distribution is an effective and economical component of your communications and operations.

The impact of IP Video is far-reaching. Commercial enterprises rely on it to improve corporate communications.  Healthcare organizations use IP video distribution to improve patient care and experience, and provide clinical collaboration.  And our armed forces and intelligence community demand high-quality video for IRS missions, command and control operations, and improved situational awareness on the battlefield.

Integrio has broad and deep experience in providing cost-effective IP video distribution solutions for universities, hospitals, airports, and large facilities and campuses. Whether you need to extend your reach to the room next door, a remote office, across the country or around the globe, Integrio’s IP video solutions help you connect with the people you need to reach.

Flexible, High Quality IP Video

While a powerful tool, video is only as good as the quality of its images and streaming.  Integrio partners with the world’s leading IP video solution providers to offer high quality, low latency live or on-demand video distribution over the internet or via a private network.

Our solutions from Haivision and VBrick bring you unparalleled, innovative video distribution.  Our engineers are subject matter experts with the assessment, engineering. and integration know-how and the experience to deliver video solutions that enhance and improve the operations and communications in your organization.

Anybody can provide IP video.  Integrio’s strength lies in our expertise across the entire continuum of planning, procuring, installing, and supporting an IP video solution. We perform an on-site survey to understand your unique requirements and environmental constraints.  We evaluate your specific requirements, including current infrastructure, encryption and security needs, network load demands, and future plans for expansion and upgrades in order to engineer a cost-effective, scalable solution that meets your needs now and sets a path for future growth.

Dynamic, Powerful Digital Signage

Applications of digital signage range from the critical—such as emergency alerts, instructions, and advisories—to the routine—such as menus, flight arrivals, or promotional messaging.  Regardless of the application, dynamic digital signage, with or without live video, can be a powerful extension of your communications.

Integrio partners with Haivision, an industry leader, to offer solutions to help you manage and distribute digital signage.  Our solutions are simple and reliable, and provide the control, security, scalability, and feature-rich capabilities to meet the unique requirements of your application. Administrative tools offer control, automation, and data integration to help you manage your content—regardless of where you are located. Security features allow content to be protected or viewership limited. Our solutions can be customized to accommodate of all sizes, and grow along with you.

Cloud-Based Video Content

An increasing number of organizations are turning to the cloud for cost-effective mobile collaboration and content sharing. Cloud-based video offers instant deployment, simple scalability, reduced hardware and software costs, and the ease and flexibility of anywhere, anytime, any-device video sharing.

Integrio is proud to offer the latest cloud-based video technology through Haivision.  Haivision’s intuitive web-based video content manager allows you to distribute live and on-demand video across multiple platforms simultaneously. A reliable and robust content delivery network ensures fast, high quality video.  Integrio engineers work with you to determine the best solutions for your needs, and craft a solution that seamlessly blends in with your existing storage and distribution platforms.

High Performance, Low-latency Video Encoding

With the increasing reach of IP video and the explosion of bring-your-own-technology and mobile devices, video encoding and decoding has become increasing important in order to achieve high performance, low latency video anywhere, anytime. In addition, military applications have unique critical requirements for encoding and decoding video in order to quickly access mission critical information with the highest degree of reliability and quality.

Integrio has extensive experience in working with customers to create an IP video solution that results in high quality video and low latency to enhance communications and awareness and support mission-critical operations. Along with our partners Haivision and VITEC, we are able to engineer innovative solutions that provide broadcast-quality video with low latency in a ruggedized format that offers unparalleled performance, no matter where you are.