When it comes to keeping their employees connected via wireless access, organizations depend on high-quality, reliable coverage—all within a secure environment that protects their data.

Designing a solution that meets the specific needs of your network requires thorough consideration of the variables that impact performance.  How many users must we accommodate?  How far of a reach must we have geographically? What speed can be achieved?  Can the network handle the load at peak times?  Is it secure?  What is our long-term plan for migrating to faster speeds and expanding our reach?

Integrio Secure Wireless Solutions

At Integrio, we customize a secure wireless solution that meets your needs for reliable, efficient operations today, and grows with your network. We possess a deep knowledge of the products we sell, and incomparable expertise in the engineering, installation, and support of the solutions we design.

Whether you need a close range solution or a long range solution, we partner with industry leaders in secure wireless access to design the solution that is right for you. Through an extensive portfolio of reliable, scalable and secure WiFi and secure wireless broadband point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PMP) platforms managed by cloud-based software, our solutions are ideal for both indoor and outdoor enterprise applications and allow you to reach your users—whether they are right next door or hundreds of miles away.

Secure Wireless Access

Through long-time partner Aruba, we offer high-performing secure wireless network connectivity, taking into account high usage areas and ensuring that throughput is not sacrificed in an effort to secure access and managing the network. Aruba’s controlled access points deliver secure WiFi client access to a variety of indoor and outdoor enterprise wireless LAN environments.

Intrusion Protection and Access Monitoring

Working with Mojo Networks, Integrio provides wireless security that includes network internal and external monitoring of all access points. Passively and actively monitoring for rogue clients or intrusion, Mojo Networks solutions easily integrate with existing architectures and offer fully integrated security layered over client access technology.

Wireless Broadband Solutions for Long Range Needs

Our partnership with leading global provider Cambium Networks allows Integrio to offer reliable, wireless broadband solutions for long-range networks that span large geographic distances—up to hundreds of miles. Our engineering experts work with you to design a tailored solution drawn from products that use the licensed and unlicensed spectrum with capabilities designed to meet your unique business operations.