Faster Programming, More Complex Testing

The advent of agile programming has revolutionized software development, leading to increased efficiency and faster time-to-market.  However, for the testing community, these advances have given rise to compressed time between testing windows and tightened schedules within testing cycles.

This compressed time schedule, combined with the increasing demands of cloud architecture, VPN, mobile technology and changing network needs, requires testing to be more stringent, more rigorous, and address increasingly complex conditions and variables. Testing must be more sophisticated and nimble than ever—with testing executed earlier, more often, and at more stages of the development lifecycle.

Whether you are performing unit testing,  quality assurance testing, performance testing, or reliability  testing, Integrio has the solutions to help you meet the challenges of today’s complex testing environment.

Deep Knowledge, Broad Experience

Integrio testing solutions encompass the sale, installation, and support of testing software and tools that offer modular, scalable solutions with the greatest functionality and a comprehensive array of feature-rich capabilities.  Our solutions support a wide range of platforms and architectures, and are designed to add functionality and features with minimal disruption to business operations.  In addition, Integrio offers value added services, consulting, and staff augmentation.  No matter what testing support is needed—from unit level testing in development to quality assurance and performance  and capacity testing, —we have the technical domain knowledge, proven experience, and flexible cost models to provide and support the products that help you work smarter and more efficiently.

Objective Recommendations, Convenient Procurement

As a provider of products from the trusted names in the testing world, including industry-leading Hewlett Packard (HPE), Integrio offers a portfolio of tools, and the objectivity to recommend the right solution for your unique testing environment. In addition, Integrio has a number of contract vehicles for easy ordering, and also works directly with customers.

Customer-focused, Comprehensive Technical Support for HPE Products

In addition, Integrio is the only HPE partner to provide a fully comprehensive solution around HP products—we sell, install, and support HPE testing products.  We have direct access to the HP comprehensive software support infrastructure, including HPE support experts through our HPE authorized Personalized Help Desk offering (HPE ASMPs Program).    Our staff have specialized knowledge on this technology , and we deliver subject matter expertise on the support of the entire HPE Test Portfolio. Integrio has the skills, infrastructure, and professionalism to provide a complete end-to-end solution that supports every aspect of your business computing needs, including support.

Via our Technical Support Center, Integrio offers personalized, US-based, HP-qualified and certified technical support for the HPE Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) product suite.

Our product-specific experts offer the highest caliber of technical advice, trouble shooting, and technical escalation management.